About Me

Hi there! And thank you for visiting my website. A little about me?  I am passionate about my family, my yoga practice, and if I’m being completely honest, my chocolate. My photographic STYLE is classic, but quirky, relaxed and uninhibited. I’m more of a photojournalist in that I want to capture your personality. My PHILOSOPHY? I think attention to detail matters. I grew up shooting with film and spending hours in the dark room so I believe in exposure and composition basics. I’ve also found that the best shots are usually the most impromptu. So, why ME? Because I’m a perfectionist and I take pride in my work. Most importantly, I love what I do. I know that children will be sometimes be cranky, babies will need changing, and teens will not want to spend their evenings posing for photos, but that’s what life is all about and a part of what makes it beautiful. I hope you give me a chance to record your memories.